We have approx 10-15 of these gals that were kept as replacement ewelambs but they were not quite big enough at breeding time(January) so instead of feeding them for a whole extra year, perhaps someone else wants to buy them and breed them now yet. They were vaccinated with Covexin 10 @ 4 weeks, @ 8 weeks, & @ 6 months old. They are ready for breeding anytime.

Dams were purebred unregistered Rideau Arcott from a great stock, sires were purebred registered Dorsets from Saskatchewan and Australia, these F1 hybrid ewelambs should become great mothers with some good meat building genes to pass on as well!

The sheep marked with a red X in the picture are not Rideau Dorset cross, they are the grandmothers(rideaus) to these girls

Contact Andrew Penner at 13apenner@gmail.com

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