The Manitoba Sheep Association is represented by a 8-member board elected on a rotating basis by their peers (other sheep farmers) for a two year term.

Each board member represents a district, which consists of sheep farmers residing in a geographic area in the province. Manitoba is home to 6 districts (see map below). In addition to each district representative, the Board also includes 2 directors at large who are voted in by membership via a physical mailed out ballot.

Annually, board members elect a chair and a vice chair amongst themselves. Board members attend at least ten board meetings per year. In addition to board meetings, directors may sit on various internal and industry committees. The MSA is represented at organizations such as the Keystone Agriculture Producers of Manitoba (KAP), the Canadian Sheep Federation, and the Manitoba Forage & Grasslands Association.

Annual General Meeting

The MB Sheep Association’s annual meeting is held each year in late fall/early winter. All producers may attend and participate in the discussions.

To view our district map, click here – District Map