Animal Health

The MSA’s Eastern District participated in a presentation by Dr. Neil Versavel on Toxoplasmosis, Blue Tongue and Cache Valley Virus on February 9, 2021.  To view the presentation, please click the link below:


Dr. Reuben Neumier: Virden, MB • 204-748-6914

Dr. Judy Hodge:

Dr. Neil Versavel: Dr. Luc Versavel Equi-Tech Veterinary Inc. Stonewall. MB • 204-467-2083

Dr. Max Popp: CFIA (for scrapie or other CFIA related questions) Winnipeg District Office • 204-984-5067 •

Dr. Sherry Wurtz: Wheat City Veterinary Clinic Ltd., Brandon, MB • 204-728-9262

Dr. Ellen Amundsen-Case: Parkland Veterinary Clinic, Roblin, MB • 204-937-8952

Dr. Tanya Anderson: Gladstone Veterinary Clinic • 204-385-2892 • Cell: 204-857-1704 •

Dr. Allister Gray: DVM Grand Valley Animal Clinic Brandon, MB R7A 0H5 • 204-728-0033

Dr. Cathy Clemence: Russell, MB • 204-773-3777


The Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory with MB Agriculture does the majority of disease tests on Livestock in MB. Samples that go to the lab are submitted through a licensed Provincial veterinarian.

Contact is Dr. Mark Swendrowski, Manager – Veterinary Diagnostic Services, Agricultural Services Complex, 545 University Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5S6, Phone: 204-945-0174.


MB Agricultre Sheep Team:

Rob Berry, Dairy Cattle Specialist –
Wray Whitmore, Livestock Predation Specialist –
Linda Fox, Sheep Industry Specialist –

Recommended Code of Practice for Sheep by the National Farm Animal Care Council: NFACC- How codes are used

Code of Practice – The Codes of Practice are nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of different species of farm animals. Codes are not intended to be used as production manuals; instead, the Codes are designed to be used as an educational tool in the promotion of sound management and welfare practices. The Codes contain recommendations to assist farmers and others in the agriculture and food sector to compare and improve their own management practices.

Dr. Grandin on Animal Welfare at American Sheep Association Convention in 2017

Sheep Abortions – Dr. Chris Clark’s Presentation – 2012 AGM & Biosecurity Meeting, March 2012