Lamb for Sale

Despite Manitoba being the fastest growing sheep producing province in Canada, there is still a shortage of prime locally grown lamb.  Manitoba Sheep continues to promote lamb, strives to increase consumption and consumer awareness of the Manitoba sheep industry and its producers.

Farm – Direct Marketing

There’s a great market for farm direct sales of lamb and sheep products.  Increasingly consumers are looking for locally grown product, with a need to know who is producing the lamb on their tables and how that lamb was produced.  Farm direct sales of lamb and sheep product can provide a higher and more consistent return for producers, but marketing takes time and effort. 

Manitoba Sheep supports producers with direct marketing initiatives designed to increase the amount of high quality Manitoba lamb product available from farm-gate, farmers’ markets and in retail stores and restaurants. 

However, all lamb and sheep products sold privately to consumers must be processed in provincially inspected plants.  It is illegal to sell meat processed on-farm or to allow buyers to process the animals on your property.  The sale and distribution of uninspected meat can result in food safety and public trust issues which would have a great negative effect for farm-direct marketers and the Manitoba sheep industry.

Manitoba Sheep is not a marketer of lamb products, Manitoba Sheep only provides a format for opportunities and information on where to find local lamb (farm-direct, retail and restaurants), recipes and other consumer related information.   


 Lamb for Sale

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