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A meeting took place on April 12th, 2023 – to access a mtg recording, click here.

We invite anyone interested in sheep 4-H to join Manitoba Sheep Association and Shannon Carvey, Executive Director of Manitoba 4-H council, to talk about growing the 4-H sheep program in Manitoba. If you are an existing 4-H members or leader, are interested in becoming part of the 4-H sheep community or starting new a 4H sheep club in your area, please join us.

Following the 4-H presentation at 8pm we will have a presentation from Matthew Francisco, Chair of Ontario Youth Lamb Producers (ages 18-35).

Ontario Youth Lamb Producers was formed in 2021. Originally as a sub group to the Ontario Lamb Producers caucus. The chair of OLPC (Fred Baker) presented the idea at GBFW sheep day. After a month went by I heard no developments about a group’s formation. So I reached out to Fred and he tasked me with getting the group going and from there. I have been chair of OYLP for 3 years. Currently OYLP has 32 members ranging in age from 18-35. We have put together a board of directors composed of 7 directors including myself. We all take turns as a board to plan meetings this way we cover a larger variety of topics within the sheep industry. All our meetings are held over zoom currently. Zoom has been an asset to our group allowing us to bring in international speakers and reach young folks who wish to join from anywhere in Canada.  We try to plan 1 meeting a month however spring-fall we like to meet by monthly at the very least.

As of this year we are welcoming young producers from every province In Canada. Members in Ontario feel that there has been tremendous value in networking, education and friendship building that now is a great time to reach out nationally. I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about with OYLP has to offer to reach out to Matt at  226-820-1192

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