Dr. John Hamerton Scholarship

The MSA provides one $500 scholarship each year to a student pursuing post secondary education - Scholarship


Canadian Verified Sheep Program

Canadian Verified Sheep Program is an on-farm program created for any Canadian sheep or lamb producer. The program examines all areas of production and outlines good production practices that are designed to minimize food safety risks, maximize animal care, reduce biosecurity risks and produce a safe and high-quality product. Producers can become involved in the program by participating in a training session, adapting the material in the manual to suit needs and conditions of their farm, implement good record keeping systems, and become certified in the program after participating in an on-farm audit. Visit the Canadian Sheep Federation website for more information. 



Scrapie Education Programs


Scrapie Programs The Canadian sheep industry is committed to the development of initiatives geared towards the detection and eradication of scrapie from the national sheep flock. There are currently three national scrapie programs in Canada. Visit CSF website to learn more. Also visit Scrapie Canada



Bluetongue Insurance

Bluetongue Insurance helps protect sheep farmers in the event of an outbreak of Bluetongue disease. Bluetongue Insurance for Sheep is a commercial insurance program endorsed by the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) with the assistance of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada‚Äôs Private Sector Risk Management Partnerships (PSRMP) Program.


Business Risk Management Programs

Business Risk Management Programs such as AgriStability, AgriInvest, and AgriInsurance help farmers manage risks that threaten the viability of the farm.



Cash Advance Programs in Manitoba

There are two organizations in the province offering cash advance program MLA is about 75% backed by the feds and MASC is backed by the province. Terms may be different with both organizations e.g., MLA offers for 18 months for every livestock and MLA offers only for 5 months for sheep.

MASC Programs

Manitoba Livestock


Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP)

MB Ag Action


Green Gold Program

Green Gold Program helps producers maximize their hay quality by harvesting at the right time. Recieve tested results twice weekly and know the optimal time to cut your alfalfa.


Problem Predator Removal Program

 Please be advised that the Problem Predator Removal Program is now in effect. As in the past, through this program, producers who have reported a predator attack on their livestock to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) and received a MASC Claim Number verifying the attack may contact the Manitoba Trappers Association (204-345-9107 and request the services of a member trapper to remove the problem predator (fox, coyote, wolf). This service is provided at no cost to the producer. Read more.

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